Rental Agreement/Policy

This policy stipulates the terms and conditions which all persons who agree to rent (Referred to here as “renter”) either or both cottages accept responsibility for. All renters are required to acknowledge that they have read and understand the terms of this Rental Policy.

The property known as “the Beach House at Lakeside, Mi.” is located in a residential area and the owners of the property are members of a homeowners association whose main mission is to make every visitor to the area have an experience that is as enjoyable as possible for every moment of their stay in the area. All guests and members of the guests party who stay at the property known as “the Beach House at Lakeside, Mi.” are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that allows the homeowners association to fulfill its mission. To do this, the following would be considered unacceptable behavior and if reported, could result in police intervention, eviction from the property and forfeiture of the Security/Conduct deposit:
Conversation, screaming, singing, playing of music, or any activity that can be heard by any person of a neighboring property or person at the beach after 10PM and before 9AM
Vulgar language, intoxicated behavior, screaming, playing of music at a loud volume, or any annoying activity that can be seen or heard by any person of a neighboring property or person at the beach.
Barking dogs
Vehicle alarms
Accessing and exiting the beach property by any means other than passing through the designated gate with use of the gate key.
Use of fireworks
Smoking at the beach
Camp fires on the property or any place other than the designated fire ring at the beach. Burning of any materials other than firewood supplied by Renter.
Scavenging for firewood on the beach property or any property considered public or private.


All renters shall agree that they intend to use the premises solely for their own use and the use of their guests who will be residing on the property. The renter also agrees to treat the property responsibly and with proper care. The total number of occupants shall not exceed 10 people per cottage without the express written permission of the owner prior to the renters’ arrival. If the renter intends to entertain a group larger than 10 people anywhere on the property, the renter is required to inform the owner of such intent at the time the reservation is made. Violation of this condition could result in eviction from the premises and forfeiture of rent and security deposit. In other words, under no circumstances, shall any part of the property be used for entertaining large groups exceeding 10 people per cottage even if only for 1 day or evening without prior consent from the owner in advance of the renters’ arrival.
To satisfy requirements set forth by rental referral agents and networks such as VRBO and others, it is understood by the renter that unless the renter has reserved both rental units, it is possible that the other unit may be rented to another party. The pool and hot tub on the property are for the exclusive use of renters using both or either unit (cottage). Renters shall understand that these facilities including chairs, lounge chairs shall be shared equally among rental units and that there are no entitlements based on first come first served.
Outdoor quiet time is 10 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS. Due to proximity to neighboring properties loud conversations after 10 PM Eastern Time have brought complaints. We have therefore determined that 10 PM is when all outdoor activity on the property should stop. This rule is also a Township ordinance. A copy of the ordinance can be viewed by clicking here.
The renter also agrees to return all property of The Beach House at Lakeside, Mi. in the same location and condition as was found prior to use. This includes but is not limited to the following items:
Return all games and puzzles to their appropriate box or container and place neatly in the same closet as found.
Return all kitchen ware to the location originally found including dishes, cookware, glasses and utensils.
Return all beach chairs and umbrellas with their covers on to the rolling receptacle on the front porch. Remove all sand from the covers and rolling receptacle prior to departure.
Installing the cover on the hot tub immediately following each use.
Installing the cover on the pool at the end of each daily use if the air temperature is expected to drop below 80 degrees.
Deflate, fold and properly store air mattresses prior to departure.
If any of the above are discovered to be out of order, renter is to contact owner at (630) 334-5700 immediately.

(strict rules)
The private beach that renters are privileged to use is known as Orchard Beach. It is on heavily monitored (video cameras) private property and a very short walk from the cottages. Orchard Beach is for the exclusive use of a select group of property owners and their guests who possess documented easement rights and agree to the following conditions:

Fireworks are not permitted on Orchard Beach due to potential liability issues. Do not ignite fireworks at any time (even 4th of July).
If renters desire to make a fire on the beach it is conditional on the following without exception:
Only use 1 of the 2 existing designated fire rings. If the rings are used by others either join them or refrain from starting a camp fire until a fire ring becomes available.
Guests bring their own firewood, extinguish fires completely and remove and dispose all remaining ashes from the fire ring. Bring ashes back in trash bags and dispose in Beach House at Lakeside waste container.
Glass containers and bottles are not allowed on the beach.
Pet owners who wish to walk their pets along the lake shore are allowed to use the private beach access from 6 AM to 9 AM and from 6 PM to 9 PM. Pets must be restrained at all times and on a leash. Pets are not allowed to remain in a stationary area on the beach at any time. Pet owners must clean up after their pets.
Renters shall leave nothing at the beach except their foot prints. Take a trash bag and put all trash only in waste containers at the Beach House at Lakeside. Do not put trash in other property owners’ containers.

Smoking is not permitted on the beach at any time between the dates of April 15th and September 15th. From September 15th to April 15th, smoking is only permitted on the beach when there are no other persons present. Smokers shall not deposit any smoking materials including ashes and butts anywhere on the beach area located between the access gate and the lake.
Anyone using Orchard Beach or transiting the easement and using the steps to reach this private beach does so at their own risk and peril. The owners of the beach property, owners of 9254 Schaffner or any member of the Orchard Beach Homeowners Association cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or other incidents resulting from said person being on the beach, the beach access stairs or the easement. Use of the beach is at guests and their guests or family members own risk.

Camping, setting tents or overnight stays on the beach is not permitted.


The renter signing the “Rental Agreement” will need to be a minimum of 25 years old. Under special circumstances, when approved in advance of arrival, exceptions may be made. Contact the Beach House at Lakeside, Mi. prior to submitting a deposit to discuss requirements to individuals or groups who do not meet the minimum age requirement. Any renter found occupying the premises who does not meet the minimum age requirement OR RESERVED UNDER FALSE PRETENSES, may be evicted under police escort and forfeit the entire security deposit and rent paid.


All reservations are confirmed upon receipt of a deposit. Availability changes constantly, therefore we are cannot guarantee an available date with a verbal “Hold”. Requested dates are not secured until the deposit has been received by either check, wire transfer or on-line credit card processing and renter has received confirmation. A guest may secure a rental date previously requested by another guest if payment of the required rental deposit was received prior to receipt of the rental deposit from the guest originally requesting the date. Please call to confirm open dates. This website does not always reflect accurate availability.
We strongly recommend securing your available date with our secure on-line credit card processing (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express only). This is the best way to ensure that another guest does not reserve the same date you requested. We will e-mail credit card processing information to you upon request. You will be linked to a secure website that will process your information.

A security deposit equal to 50% of the rental amount not to exceed $1,000/unit or a minimum of $250/unit is required on all reservations. Verbal or written commitments will not secure a reservation without a deposit received. This deposit serves as a commitment to rent for a given period and security for damage to the rental unit. This deposit will be refunded within 14 days after check out, subject to any charges for Pay Per View events, damage, repairs, excessive cleaning or late check outs. The Deposit DOES NOT apply towards the rental amount.


A Reservation can be canceled up to 75 days prior to the arrival date during the Summer Season, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Late Summer Season, Early Fall Season, and New Year’s Holiday and up to 45 days prior to the arrival date during the Late Fall Season, Thanksgiving Holiday, Winter Season and Early Spring Seasons and receive a deposit refund. A cancellation fee of $50 or 10% of the Rental amount, whichever is greater will apply. Any refunds on payments made using a credit card or PayPal will also have an additional 3% deducted from the original paid amount. Reservations made less than 30 days prior to the arrival date cannot be canceled. Canceled Reservations without proper notice will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit unless another reservation for the rental unit can be secured. Sub-letting is not permitted.


If there is a particular cottage or date you’re interested in reserving, to expedite the process, check Availability If your chosen date is available, call us at (630) 334-5700 or send us an e-mail at and we will return instructions to secure your date.
Typical Summer Season weekly check-in time is 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. Check-out time is 11 AM.
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate early check-in or late check-out requests during the summer between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. Housekeeping personnel will arrive shortly after your scheduled departure and require all the time available to prepare the unit for the next guest(s). We regret that a late check-out fee of $100 will be imposed and will be deducted from the deposit, if guests are still present when housekeeping arrives after check-out time.


All rental amounts are prepaid. Payable to:
Frank Koronkiewicz
404 61st Street
Willowbrook, Illinois 60527-1806
The total rental amount is due 30 days prior to arrival date by check or on-line credit card processing only. If the rental amount is not received on or prior to this 30 day period, the rental is subject to cancellation and forfeiture of the deposit. If you wish to pay with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, (3% surcharge applies) we will send you processing instructions via e-mail. Please review the deposit policy above.

There will be a minimum $120 (per cottage) cleaning charge per rental. This covers cleaning, laundry completion and folding, inventory and bed making following your departure. If circumstances require more than 4 man-hours to clean, the additional time at a rate of $25/man hour will be charged. If a guest has willingly left the rental unit in such condition requiring more than 4 man-hours to prepare for the next arriving guest or has rearranged furniture, damaged, stained, or taken “House Property” and the next arriving guest cannot be accommodated as scheduled, the departing guest will be held responsible for all costs incurred to accommodate the new arrival with appropriate alternate accommodations in addition to all cleaning/repair costs.
To ensure housekeeping costs do not exceed the minimum rate, the following items must be attended to by the renter prior to departure:

Trash pick-up day is Monday morning. All trash must be placed in the designated container(s) in front of the property on Schaffner Road for pick-up prior to Monday morning. Any trash not fitting within the container with the lid closed shall be placed outside the container no sooner than sunrise on Monday. On check-out day, any excess trash left behind by the renter that does not fit in the outdoor roadside container shall be removed from the property and disposed of by the renter.

Wash all dishes in the sink and return to the cabinets or place in the dishwasher and run dishwasher. Housekeeping will return dishes to cabinets.

Set all thermostats to settings as directed in owners welcome letter to guest.

Empty ashes from fireplace. $25 charge if not completed.

Remove ashes from BBQ grill and wire brush grill. $25 charge if not completed.

Replace all furniture to original locations. Minimum $25 charge if not completed.

Clean all smoking materials and pet excrement from the property. Minimum $50 charge or possible forfeiture of deposit.

Clean oven and refrigerator. Remove all food from the refrigerator and cabinets (except for non-perishable condiments). Allow sufficient time for self-cleaning oven. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Bed linens and towels are provided. All used linens should be gathered and placed near the washing machine. A minimum of 2 loads of wash (starting with towels) must be started prior to departure. Any washed laundry that has been dried shall be left on the nearest bed to the laundry area. Housekeeping will complete the wash and make all beds.

Attend to any stains on bedspreads, mattress covers, carpets or upholstery when they occur.


You are free to use the telephone in the cottage for local and long distance in the US 48. This phone works through the internet when active and there is one line shared by both cottages. There are 3 handsets in each cottage.
Note that some personal mobile phones may not operate satisfactorily or only in the front yard areas on the property.

There are no issues of greater importance than safety particularly when children are involved. Pool and spa safety guidelines should be reviewed, printed from the link below and shared with all members of the renters party.


The Pool is made available from Memorial Day Weekend until mid September.
The Hot Tub (Spa) is available after the pool has been closed in Mid September until Memorial Day. It is possible that the Hot Tub will also be closed during some Winter months.
Both the spa and swimming pool have been provided for the use by renters and their guests. Use of the pool or spa at any time by a renter or their guests will obligate the renter to the following conditions:
Absolutely, positively no pets allowed on the pool deck or in the pool or spa.
Absolutely, positively no glass bottles, glasses, plates or glass objects of any kind are allowed in the pool or spa area. Evidence of any broken glass or pet hair in the pool or spa (this is checked weekly by the maintenance service) will result in a minimum $200 forfeiture of the rental deposit.
No substances of any kind are to be added to the pool or spa water (other than those specifically required to maintain proper water cleanliness).
No sharp objects of any kind are to taken into the pool or spa.
No bathing in the pool or spa.
The pool and spa are to remain covered when not in use. The renter may be directed to allow the pool to remain uncovered for certain periods under extremely hot conditions.
Children and non-swimmers must be attended to by a responsible individual at all times.
Pool and spa users are to bathe indoors prior to use. Outdoor showers are intended for washing off beach sand and cooling-off.
Pool users are to wash feet and body of beach sand prior to use.
Under certain circumstances, renters may be required to perform certain maintenance duties (i.e.. insert daily chlorine tablet, start robotic pool cleaner).
Any negligent act by the renter resulting in the pool or spa becoming unavailable to another scheduled renter, will result in the forfeiture of the entire rental deposit.


Both rental units are NON Smoking. Smoking is permitted outside the rental units. Guests are responsible for providing their own receptacles and for discarding Smoking Materials. Evidence of Smoking or remains of Smoking materials anywhere on the property will result in forfeiture of entire deposit.


Linens are provided for use on the premises. Towels, blankets, sheets and other linens are not for use at the beach. It is the renters responsibility to bring their own towels for use at the beach.
For convenience of guests, a small supply of paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent have been placed in the unit. However, in the event that any of these supplies should be depleted during or prior to a guests stay, it shall be the responsibility of the guest to replenish such items as required to satisfy their own needs.

The Beach House at Lakeside undergoes continuous maintenance and improvements throughout the year with most major work taking place during the late fall through early spring months. Under normal circumstances, repairs and improvements are not scheduled during a renters stay or dates between Memorial Day and Labor Day. However occasions may exist where some work may need to be performed while a renter is present. In such cases we make every effort not to intrude on the renters privacy or to inconvenience them unless absolutely necessary.
While the owners have made every concerted effort to provide fully functional and maintained mechanical systems, we do not warrant the mechanical systems or appliances on the homes. In the event of a mechanical failure we will make every effort to repair failures as quickly as possible. Included in the mechanical systems and appliances are the following:
Pool/hot tub water cleanliness. The Beach House at Lakeside employs a professional pool maintenance service that checks water chemistry and cleanliness and makes necessary adjustments on a weekly basis. In the event that the water cleanliness should alter due to heavy swim load, adverse weather conditions, water chemistry imbalance or filtration system failure, every reasonable effort will be made to correct the problem as soon as possible if notified by the guest.
Air conditioning and heating systems
Pool/hot tub filter, heater or mechanical systems components
Plumbing components and fixtures
Our policy is not to refund or adjust rates for mechanical failure, but to respond quickly when notified of a problem or concern in an attempt to avoid any inconvenience.


For convenience of guests, certain transportable items are provided for use by the guests. Items such as bicycles, beach chairs, televisions, radios and other like items are to be returned in same condition and location as found following each use. Proper care and consideration for “House Property” shall be given by any individual choosing to use any fixed or transportable item that is the property of the Beach House at Lakeside. Any “House Property” that is accidentally broken or malfunctions during a guests stay should be reported immediately so that a replacement or repair can be arranged. A guest may be given the option of furnishing a suitable replacement of any “House Property” that they are responsible for breaking at the discretion of the owners. Any “House Property” taken by a guest will be charged back to the guest at two times (2X) its replacement cost. Guests shall not disconnect Video components and cables from unit televisions. Components that are disconnected by the guest shall be reconnected in the same operable condition prior to guest departure. Improper reconnection of components to televisions or accessory video devices requiring a reconnect service call will be charged to the guest at 2x the cost of the service call or minimum $50.


If guest leaves any personal item and wishes to have it sent back to them (provided that our housekeeping staff is alerted soon enough and the item(s) can be found) there will be a minimum $25 return fee plus postage costs. Double check to make certain you leave with everything you brought and to not leave with anything you did not bring.


Camping is not permitted anywhere outside the cottages including the beach.


Under normal circumstances, typical house pets (dogs/cats) are allowed at an additional cost of $10/pet/day/stay (1 pet for 1 week stay is $70). However, costs for any stains or damage caused by a pet will be the responsibility of the individual(s) renting the cottage(s). Pets are not to be allowed to sit or lay on any furniture or beds. Pet owners must provide proper restraints and enclosures for pets left alone for any period of time on the premises. Barking and other loud pet sounds that prompt complaints from neighbors or other renters will require immediate removal of the pet from the premises by the individual(s) renting the cottage(s). Failure to comply to the pet barking/noise requirements could result in forfeiture of the entire rental deposit and eviction from the property.
Pets are NOT to use any part of the property (interior or exterior) for the purpose of making any bodily discharge. Pet owners can walk their dogs along the road and are expected to pick up after their pets. A minimum charge of $100 will be assessed for any evidence of animal bodily discharge on the property. This includes urine caused stains in the lawn.
Please note that beach rules prohibit dogs on the beach between the hours of 9AM and 6PM. When taking a pet to the beach it must be contained under a leash and under the pet owners control at all times. Although others who own property on the lake may walk dogs along the shoreline, our beach is a homeowners association beach with a membership of over 75 homeowners. It is this body of homeowners who establish and enforce the rules regarding access and use of our beach.
It is required that any renter notify us in advance if they plan to bring a pet.


Due to some narrow roads, access to the property is limited, sorry no boats or RV’s. Parking is limited to 4 cars per cottage. 8 spaces are available for groups renting both cottages.

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The Renter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Owner harmless from any and all claims and damages including actual attorneys’ fees and costs arising from the Renter’s, occupants’ or visitors’ use of the Property or from any activity, work or thing done, permitted or allowed by the Guest in or about the Property or area in which the Property is located.

For Guests renting Unit A, the Guest should be made aware that the staircase to the 2nd floor while adequately functional is in fact steeper than a typical residential stair. Any Guest renting unit A and wishing to use the 2nd floor rooms (2 bedrooms, 1 bath and laundry) should be aware of this condition and by agreeing to rent Unit A agrees to hold the Owner harmless from any claims and rpg mobile